"My two dogs (a Havanese and a Coton) went through Puppy and Beginner classes at BDOC, and we also did Fun with Fido.  Our trainer (Adelle) was knowledgeable and flexible -- she clearly loved all the dogs, big and small.  She had a real gift for dealing with behavioural problems and she explained clearly how each training activity would benefit us in our everyday lives.  She showed me how dogs learn in a way that I never got at other places.  The use of relay races at the end of many classes is a special feature at BDOC.  It was fun and informal, and timely reminder that time with your dog is supposed to be joyful!  This "learning as play" approach then formed the basis for Fun with Fido, which was my favorite class of all.  Even my shy Coton loves going to classes at BDOC.  Overall, these experiences empowered me and led to stronger and deeper emotional bonds between me and my dogs.  I recommend BDOC highly!"

Shelley P.

"After being away from the world of competitive obedience for a few years, I was really happy to get back into training with BDOC.  Barb and Betty Ann have been wonderful as they help me fine tune my handling and correct those little mistakes I'm not aware that I'm making.  They're always happy and gracious as they share their experience and I find that I learn something new every class.  Their instruction, support and sense of camaraderie makes training a pleasure and I always look forward to class."

Jenny M

"Maurice and I, my 5 year old Toy Poodle, attended BDOC weekly for two years gradually moving up through the classes with the understanding that BDOC's bottom line objective was to motivate my dog to be eager and happy to please me.  I needed to take the past 12 months away from BDOC to care for my wife and I am astounded at how well Maurice has hung close by my side, always off leash, and has become my best buddy during this year.  BDOC training has proven to be an excellent way to bond to my best buddy that has encouraged his overall better behaviour.  Contrary to what you may have heard, you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks, meaning me.  This past week my wife has now reached an acceptable health plateau and Maurice and I are looking forward to returning to rejoin our friends at BDOC for our weekly classes."

Greg O'Brien

"Our first Border Collie is now a year old and her name is Minnie.  She attended her first class, Beginner Obedience class in the winter of 2012.  Upon being successful, Minnie has continued with additional classes:  Fun with Fido I, Fun with Fido II, and Fun with Obedient Fido (a new course).  Minne will be commencing her next level in obedience, Novice Obedience.  The classes are small and all of the instructors have been great.  We are all able to have fun during the classes.  Minnie has learned so much since joining the club and what I like is that I can ask any one of the instructors for assistance if Minnie is having an issue or they point out things I can improve with."

C. White

"When we adopted Charlie, a 3 year old Border Collie/Lab mix, she was very well behaved indoors, friendly and very good with my granddaughters.  Out of doors was a different matter!  She ran off whenever she got loose, barked and chased squirrels and paid no attention when called.  She was very difficult to control on the leash and became very excited and challenging whenever we encountered a squirrel or other dogs.  Going for walks was always a challenge and her behaviour made me extremely anxious.  In desperation, I contacted Adelle Forth, a trainer with BDOC to seek her advice and we enrolled in Beginner's class.  It took 2 or 3 sessions to get Charlie to settle down and participate in the classes but thanks to the patience of the leaders, she did calm down and her behaviour improved.  Adele's assessment was that Charlie was very anxious and not aggressive which had been my conclusion.  As the classes went on, she became less anxious in her encounters with the other dogs.  My granddaughters attended the sessions and we all learned a lot from the experience, including Charlie.  Now, Charlie's walks are enjoyable, she ignores squirrels and we are able to let her off leash at the dog park where she "protects" the small dogs and is the self-appointed hostess to all the new arrivals.  We are so grateful to BDOC for their help in this transformation.  I recommend BDOC highly at every opportunity."

Barbara Stokes

"Our first experience with BDOC was 30 years ago in the basement of a church with our first dog.  We knew we could greatly benefit from knowledgeable instructors with our current dog, so her we are again!  We particularly enjoyed the Fun with Fido series which incorporates obedience with fun stuff.  We are looking forward to continuing the learning journey with the BDOC team.  Thank you (Seana, Adelle, Barb)."

Kim, David & MacGyver

"I have been associated with the Bytown Dog Obedience Club since 1969.  I have trained two dogs with some very, very good instructors there.  Bytown trains the handler to train their dog and if you practice even a few minutes every day you will get the results you want.  (By the way, the instructors can tell if you have been practicing!)  I recommend at least a basic training class to have a dog you can live with and enjoy."

Shirley Gobeil-Gravelle

"We initially started classes at BDOC to help with the obedience training of our young dog, Copper.  We were very pleased with his early development in the Beginner levels.  The trainers were very helpful and encouraging.  We continued with our classes at BDOC with both our dogs, Copper and Bailey in the Fun with Fido program available.  These classes enabled us to better understand our dogs' behaviors and ability to learn.  The socializing aspect of these classes was extremely beneficial for both dogs.  We knew that they enjoyed attending class because the mere mention of the word 'school' got their attention and tails wagging.  Each and every instructor we encountered at BDOC was a committed dog trainer and their love of these animals was apparent.  They were always encouraging, helpful and we even came away with recipes for some 'super' dog tuna treats that we reserve for special tricks!  We would wholeheartedly endorse BDOC as a great choice for any dog owner."

Susan and Marc Lamaree

"I very much liked the training method used -- me and my dog had lots of fun.  I also liked the small class size, the instructor was very good and provided lots of good advice.  The take home notes were really helpful and my dog was better behaved and I liked doing the exercises.  I would definitely recommend BDOC."

Anonymous feedback from Beginner class student

"The instructors were very encouraging, especially to our younger family members.  They were very knowledgeable, they noticed little details of how we were handling our dog and pointed them out to us.  This helped a lot.  We will definitely be continuing at Bytown -- we need the training.  Thank you both, Adelle and Frances.  You were both terrific.  We learned a lot and felt very encouraged."

Anonymous feedback from Beginner class student

"I learned more than I had expected.  Liked the positive way the puppies were trained.  My puppy had lots of fun and we both enjoyed coming to class each Saturday.  The homework notes provided great information.  The instructor was fabulous, very encouraging and provided teaching to us with good examples.  I have enrolled in the Beginner class with my pup.  Thank you!"

Anonymous feedback from Puppyclass student

"Here's why I have loved Bytown over the past several years:

  1. I have had several different training instructors and they have all been excellent teachers and very kind in their approach to dogs;
  2. The classes are well organized, provide clear instruction, individual instruction and written homework sheets;
  3. The classes are fun!  Meeting other dogs and their owners, and working with my own dog in new ways is great;
  4. I have learned many valuable tips that have made my life as a dog owner more enjoyable and have helped me to better understand and appreciate my dogs; and
  5. The cost of the classes are very reasonable."


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