The BDOC demo team was formed over 30 years ago and has regularly entertained seniors and shut-ins with obedience exercises and tricks galore. The team visits residences at least twice a month and often three times a month from Sept to June. We visit Peter Clark residences, Elizabeth Bruyere, Olde Forge, St Vincent's hospital, Carleton Lodge, the Ravine Residence, New Orchard Lodge and many other homes around the city. Lydia is our chief and diligently arranges visits and times. Ruth is our spokesperson during the demo and keeps the 'show' running smoothly.

We have 7 regular members:

  • Betty Ann and Miniature Poodle Leah,
  • Helen and her Soft Coated Wheaton grand dog Archie,
  • Paul and his Bernese Mountain Dog Rolli,
  • Rod and his American Cocker Spaniel Cecil,
  • Gibb and his Standard Poodle Cruise,
  • Jan and her Golden Retriever Tammy, and
  • Barb and her Portuguese Water Dog Frida.

Occasionally, we have Adelle and her Flat Coated Retriever Zak and Eleanor and her Miniature Dachshund Heidi join us.

Our performance consists of some very original tricks such as Rolli identifying his colours, Archie playing dead, Tammy playing her hide'n'seek game with her ball, Cruise saying a little prayer, and Frida doing her balancing tricks. All of these tricks are combined with long sits/downs, retrieves, signals, recalls and heeling demos.

It truly is a fun hour and extremely rewarding as residents reminisce about their former dogs, all the time smiling and petting the dogs.

For more information, or if you would like to join our demo team, please contact Paul or Lydia at 613-225-1984.

The BDOC Obedience Demonstration team is always looking for new members!
Demo Team 2012

Brie - Black Poodle (Gib Jamieson)

Dice - Dalmation (Barb Jeffrey)

Paddy - Apricot Poodle (Helen McGill)

Rolli - Bernese Mountain Dog (Paul & Lydia Schupplie)

Tia - American Cocker Spaniel (Ruth & Rod Craig)

Nikki - Dachshund (Eleanor Ede)

Demo Team
BDOC Demo Team

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